What is the ideal temperature for washing your hair?

I'm sure you must have wondered what the right temperature in the shower time to wash your hair...
We know that washing with very hot water can not but know that washing with cold water is not the most appropriate?

Continue reading the post I will explain better!

To wash your hair with very hot water is bad everyone knows!

Just as the high temperatures of the dryer and flat iron, very hot water damage wires, leaving the dried hair, frizzy and dull.

There certainly many people think: Oh, I'll wash your hair with cold water then!

But this practice also is not entirely correct. I will explain: when you have a dishwasher with a greasy residue to remove, as you can do to facilitate the removal of oil? Using warm water!

As our hair is too oily, to facilitate the removal of oil and leave the hair more pretty clean, the ideal is that it is washed with warm water. It is a medium temperature which helps to better clean the hair without drying or damage.

And if you want to give an "up" the hair shine, just do the final rinse with cold water. After the hair is already pretty clean with warm water, take a cold water jet that will help close the scales of the wire holding hydration and increasing the brightness!

So now you already know: the warm water is the perfect temperature to wash your hair and leave them clean and healthy!

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